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Welcome to Beaverton, Oregon! 

 Beaverton City Library Exquisite Beaverton Library Beaverton City Library 
  The Beaverton Library  

Just West of downtown Portland, Beaverton is a friendly and prosperous community with good schools, ample recreational opportunities, an award winning parks and recreation department, with a low crime rate. Local government is community orientated and residents participate enthusiastically in local decision making and celebrations. 

Located at the heart of greater Portland’s thriving high tech industry, Beaverton has seen a great deal of rapid growth over the previous decade, with over a third of its homes build during the last ten years. Oregon’s fifth largest city and Portland’s second largest suburb, Beaverton is home to about 83,100 residents.


Location/ Geography/Terrain 

Beaverton is about 7 miles west of Portland in Oregon’s Tualatin River Valley, not far south of the Oregon/Washington state border. 

About 18.6 square miles wide, Beaverton sits between Portland to the east and lush farms and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Main Entrance, South Campus

Nike World Headquarters, Beaverton Natural & Innovative: Built Around a Natural Habitat
Main Entrace, South Campus Nike WHQ in Beaverton, OR Built Around a Natural Habitat



At the core of greater Portland’s “Silicone Forest”, Beaverton is home to over 300 high tech companies, including Tektronix and Intel, both major employers. Secondary software, commercial and administrative businesses flourish and Beaverton has a wide range of small and middle sized businesses in its economic profile. Nike and Tektronix both have headquarters here and are major regional employers.



Beaverton offers a good range of home choices to buyers, from single-family dwellings on quiet cul-de-sacs to modern condominiums in busy urban neighborhoods. The computer boom means there are plenty of affluent neighborhoods here with elegant homes; Beaverton also has affordable, safe neighborhoods with good yards and amenities. Over one third of the houses, apartments, and condominiums in Beaverton have been built within the last ten years, so buyers have plenty of low maintenance modern homes to choose from.  

According to Portland Monthly Magazine's April 2007 Issue "20 Best Neighborhoods", Beaverton home values increased from 2003-2006 over 98%! So the value of Beaverton homes are wonderful. 

Parks and Recreation 



  The Aquatic Center at Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation Department

Beaverton’s award winning Tualatin Parks and Recreation Department maintains the community’s 150 parks and recreation facilities, which include 8 swimming centers, a skate park, numerous scenic bike paths and hiking trails, and several beautiful gardens. The brand new local library is state-of-the-art. 

Some of Oregon’s most spectacular natural beauty is within an hour’s drive of Beaverton, including the wild Oregon coast, Mt Hood, the Hood River, and the stunning Columbia River Gorge. 

Special Attractions 



Beaverton Library and Fountains  

Beaverton’s stable and thriving economy, good schools, and safe, family friendly neighborhoods are a big draw, and residents also appreciate the city’s top recreational facilities and ample green space. There’s a park within half a mile of every home in town in Beaverton, along with 30 miles of hiking trails and a 25-mile scenic network of bike paths. 

Beaverton also has the largest shopping district in western greater Portland, with all the major chains appearing alongside one of a kind stores and neighborhood shopping districts.  

Interesting Facts 



The Tualatin Valley and Beaverton region was originally home to the Atfalati people, whose name was mispronounced as “Tualatin” by early European settlers. The Atfalati were prosperous hunter-gatherers who began to decline sharply after European arrival in the late seventeen-hundreds. Beaverton was originally a large Atfalati village called “Chakeipi” or, “Place of the Beaver”, and arriving European settlers called the area “Beaver Dam” and then “Beaverton”. 

The first Europeans to visit here were sailors exploring the Columbia River in the late seventeen-hundreds, followed by Lewis and Clark during their famous overland expedition of 1806. A Lawrence Hall and his brother placed the first land claim on what was then Beavers Dam, and they built a grist mill near today’s Walker Road. Other mills were built and Beaver Dam soon became a thriving agricultural center. Logging was another successful industry and early settler Thomas Denney and his wife Berrilla built the first sawmill here.  

In 1850 the territorial government paid for a road to Portland to be laid and in 1868 the railroad came to town, further bolstering Beaverton’s growth. By the time of its incorporation in 1893 the settlement had a population of 400.


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